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*The program is reviewed and approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

The dental office administrator program is designed to prepare students for an exciting and challenging career. Students will gain knowledge with dental terminology, billing procedures, appointment management, insurance company protocols, and telephone and communication skills. Students will have hands on training working with some of the industry’s best dental software.

Dental Office Administrators can find employment in some of the following areas classified under NOC 1414:

• Dental offices/clinics
• Dental specialist offices
• Dental distribution companies
• Dental departments within hospital settings
• Education facilities

The program is delivered in English with in class instruction. The program will employ lecture, field observations and research as well as include WHMIS and First Aid/CPR level C certification.

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Monday to Friday)

5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Monday to Friday)


May 2021


All locations


Full Time, 20 Hrs/Wk


520 Hours

Further information

1. High School Graduate or equivalent OR mature student status (19 years or older prior to starting the program)

2. Meet one of the following English Language Proficiency requirements:
I. Minimum Grade 12 English (Domestic Students)
II. For English as second language students; Overall IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.
III. Pass the College’s English admission test

Course No

Course Name




Microsoft Word




Microsoft Excel




Dental Science Foundations




Charting and Record Keeping




Dental Office Admin Procedures




Dental Insurance




Dental Office Financial Systems




Dental Office Software Management




Standard First Aid/CPR/AED and WHMIS




Infection Control in the Dental Practice




Career and Employment Strategies









01 Microsoft Word

This course introduces students to word processing, where they will learn about common features of office applications and file management fundamentals.


002 Microsoft Excel

This course introduces students to spreadsheets where students learn how to enter, format and use the various functions and formulas to manage and manipulate data.


003 Dental Science Foundations

This course introduces students to dentistry and the dental team. In this course students will learn prefixes and suffixes used in the formation of medical and dental words while building their medical dental vocabulary. Student will learn detailed anatomy of the head and examine the normal development of the oral cavity and the teeth. Topics include: Tooth morphology, general anatomy, numbering systems, preventive dentistry and oral health.


004 Charting and Record Keeping

Students begin this course with an introduction to ethics and protecting the privacy of the dental patients. Students will gain insight into CDSBC guidelines to record keeping and complete their online module. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to maintain patient records in both a paper and paperless office. Topics will include patient registration, health history completion, and records retention and transfer.


005 Dental Office Admin Procedures

This course presents a complete and accurate coverage of the basic skills needed to perform effectively as a dental office administrator. This will provide students with the knowledge and skills related to the various dental administrator procedures. Topics will include the daily routines and tasks of a dental office, telephone skills, developing patient communication skills, and the basic steps in learning the various filing systems. Students will practice appointment management both manually and computerized and establish continuing care systems. This course will also teach students various formatting styles to written communication, inventory systems, and time management. Other topics include becoming familiar with dental specialties and to become acquainted with the types of dugs commonly prescribed in the dental practice.


006 Dental Insurance

This course provides an overview of dental insurance. Students will gain the knowledge and skills related to the use of provincial fee guides and claims terminology. Topics will include dental benefits, and identifying parties affected by dental benefits. This course will teach students how to perform all the tasks associated with preparing dental claim forms both manually and electronically. This also includes claim and pre-determination and pre-estimate forms. The course will introduce students to common dental benefits, benefit limitations, exclusions, coordination of benefits and determining order of liability. Other topics will include assignment of benefits, copayments, dual coverage, calculating copayments and explanation of benefits.


007 Dental Office Financial Systems

This course will teach students how to perform all tasks associated with basic office bookkeeping. Students will learn financial systems used in a dental office including accounts receivable and accounts payable. This course will also cover how to establish financial arrangements with patients, payroll basics, petty cash, debit and credit card transactions, daily banking and how to perform bank reconciliation.


008 Dental Office Software Management

Students are introduced to dental software programs commonly used in dental offices and facilities. The software knowledge will include patient registration, appointment booking, billing, reconciliations, and records management. This course also describes the various reports used in dental office bookkeeping in a computerized system. Topics in this course include: dental software applications, appointment control, insurance and pre-determinations, reconciliation of accounts, and different types of reports.


009 Standard First Aid/CPR/AED and WHMIS

This 2-day course is suited for the general public and workplace and meets the first aid requirements for the Canada Labour Code Standard First Aid and Licenced Child and Adult Care facilities. This course is suited for police, first responders, lifeguards, ski patrollers, caring citizens and families with children. This course is often delivered by an external provider.


010 Infection Control in the Dental Practice

This course will provide students with the knowledge of the practices of infection control in the dental practice. This course will cover terminology as it relates to the study of disease transmission and infection control and safety, along with the chain of infection and methods of preventing and controlling the transmission of microorganisms. Students will be exposed to disinfection and sterilization and processing of dental instruments, along with safety and workplace management of hazardous waste. Emphasis on how to adapt to federal, and provincial regulations in specific to CDSBC infection control guidelines and recommendations. In the office setting students will learn about the selection of disinfectants and sterilizers to understand the importance of infection control in the clinical practice and the transfer of possible contamination from the back end of the dental practice to the front desk.


011 Career and Employment Strategies

This course provides information on how to use the communication skills learned in order to make a successful presentation to a prospective employer. Self assessment during this course allows students to identify their personal skills. Students will prepare an effective resume and cover letter.


012 Practicum

This program includes a practicum component consisting of 100 hours working in private practice at the end of their program. This practicum work experience is a mandatory diploma requirement.

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