We know it's the little things that make your time on campus special. Our instructors and staff are passionate about your success. When you are a student here at Cambria, we focus on giving you a personalized learning experience to best help you succeed in your studies and in your future career.




Campus director

Karen Reburn, our Campus Director has a diverse and creative background in education, communications and marketing. Karen graduated with distinction from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Simon Fraser University with a Master's in Education. Karen is experienced in working with a sensitivity to diversity and multiculturalism. Her empathetic and compassionate nature sets the tone for Cambria College. Karen has worked as a Marketing Director for the Business Advisory Team, and in Admissions and Marketing at the highly respected Brentwood College School. Karen loves the arts and has also worked in Theatre as a Costume Designer, Set Designer, Director, Acting Coach and Playwright. Most recently. Karen is also publishing two children's books due out next year.



Campus Coordinator

Lana Linton, our resident Campus Coordinator has a unique background in fashion, music and marketing. After completing her bachelor’s degree in professional communications, she moved to the west coast to pursue an education in fashion marketing at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver. Lana has worked as a stylist for various designers, most notably Prabal Gurung and served as a contributing editor and fashion show reviewer for LEEN Magazine from 2015 to 2017 mainly writing articles about British Columbia based fashion designers, insiders and photographers. Most recently Lana worked as a social media and marketing coordinator for various local businesses in Victoria. Prior to her move out west, Lana was a professional singer and songwriter. When she’s not with us at Cambria, Lana’s out taking photographs of people and places, singing, blogging about the pursuit of happiness and spending time with her dog, Wallace. Oh, and you might recognize her from 2016's controversial Jeep commercial "Free To Be". 




HCA Day Class instructor

Jane Wheatley, our Health Care Assistant day class instructor has an extensive background in healthcare. Jane worked as a registered nurse in both Saskatoon and Victoria for over 30 years. Jane spends most of her time outside the classroom volunteering and recently volunteered as a leader at the Stanford University Disease and Chronic Pain Self-Management workshop. Jane is a passionate gardener and is constantly giving back to the community in her spare time. 



HCA evening class instructor

Theresa Curts, our evening class Health Care Assistant program instructor has a wealth of experience and a diversified education in various healthcare specialties. Theresa's education and training reflects a person who is compassionate and dedicated to the well-being and care of others. Theresa graduated from the Camosun College RCA program in 2003 and the Sprott Shaw LPN program in 2011. Theresa has additional experience and education in mental health, dementia care, skin and wound care, nonviolent intervention and palliative care to name a few. As well as being a beloved instructor at Cambria College, Theresa works as an LPN and a Home Support Worker. When she's not working, Theresa enjoys ballroom dancing and spending time with her pets and family.

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