Cambria College will be offering the Early Childhood Education Diploma program in 2019.
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Your Career Is Their Beginning...

Early Childhood Education (ECE) students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work with young children and their families in diverse early learning settings in British Columbia. Students develop skills through courses and practicum designed to integrate academic and practical experiences. This program is offered online with remote practicum placement on a full-time basis. Students may complete the program within their own community through online delivery.

Students who complete the full ECE Diploma will be eligible to apply to the BC ECE Registry for both an Early Childhood Educator Certificate and an Infant and Toddler Educator (ITE) Certificate or a Special Needs Educator (SNE) Certificate, depending on their selection of a final practicum course. ECE diploma graduates may complete the alternate final practicum course as ongoing professional development in order to meet the educational requirements to apply for the remaining BC ECE Registry Certificate to Practice. After completing the first 15 courses (Terms, 1, 2 ,& 3) listed under “Courses” below, students may apply to the BC ECE Registry for an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Certificate. 


Early Childhood Educator in a licensed group childcare centre or preschool, Program Supervisor, Assistant Director of a preschool or school age centre, Director of a preschool or school age centre, Nursery School Director, Family Child Care Provider, Child Development Counselor, Family Resource Centre Coordinator, Child Care Coordinator, ECE Researcher, Strong Start Facilitator, Daycare programs, Young Parent programs, Drop-In programs, Home Visit programs, Provincial Licensing Officer, Holiday Destination Children’s Program worker, Child Advocate, Nanny, or Respite Provider. Note that employment for some of these positions may require additional education.


Additional Information

  • The program is eligible for Canada Student Loans.

  • Each student is required to authorize a Minister of Justice Criminal Record Check before participating in a practicum involving children or vulnerable adults.

  • Under no circumstances will students be permitted to complete any practical work in a child care or school setting until we has received a clear Schedule B criminal record check.

  • Students are obligated to report any Schedule B criminal convictions that occur after they authorize a Criminal Record Check but are still enrolled in the program. Failure to do so may result in immediate dismissal from the program.

  • Students complete practica within their own communities provided the options exist for acceptable placements. Students unable to locate suitable practicum placements in their own communities may need to relocate to another community for one or more of the practica.



  • LOCATION: Online/Distributed Delivery

  • LENGTH: The ECE Diploma program may be completed over a two-year period of full-time studies. The program consists of 16 academic/ theory courses (720 hours) and 4 practica courses (650 hours) for a total of 1370 hours.

  • START: September 2018

  • TUITION: $ 6,997.32

  • FEES: $ 1,825.08


  • TOTAL: $ 10,950.64


Term 1

  • HDEC100 (Essential Skills for Human Service Workers)

  • HDEC101 (Human Development 1)

  • HDEC102 (Health, Safety and Nutrition)

  • HDEC103 (Guiding and Caring)

  • ECED109A (Practicum 1)

Term 2

  • ECEC100 (Curriculum I)

  • ECED101 (Principles and Practices I)

  • ECED110 (Practicum 2)

  • ECTA121 (Interpersonal Communications)

  • HDEC104 (Human Development 2)

Term 3

  • ECEC200 (Curriculum II)

  • ECEC201 (Building Professional-Family Partnerships)

  • ECEC202 (Administration & Leadership in Early Childhood Education)

  • ECED111 (Practicum 3)

  • ECED150 (The Early Childhood Education Professional)

Term 4

  • ECEC203 (Current Perspectives on Practice)

  • ECED203A (Development 3 Infants and Toddlers)

  • ECED207 (Curriculum 3 Infants and Toddlers)

  • ECED215 (Curriculum 4 Working with Children with Diverse Abilities)

Practicum (Includes One of the following):

Practicum Placements will be offered in various locations around the Greater Victoria area, including Westshore, Saanich, Downtown Victoria and Sooke.

  • ECED208 (Practicum -- Infants and Toddlers)

  • ECED210 (Practicum -- Diverse Abilities)