Finding a great career can be a challenging adventure. Society teaches us that in order to be happy we need to have a good job that we feel passionate about, but in truth, passion is not everything when it comes to a career. We want a career that is relevant and without limits. We want a career that we can excel at. Some of us want a career where we feel that we're making a difference and helping others. These days we also need skills, training and experience. So when we put all those needs together it can often be tough to then go out into the world and find that awesome career. 

Here at Cambria, caring is our business. We genuinely care about your success and the success of your peers. We treat our students well and lead by example supporting you every step of the way (from admissions to financial aid to providing that oh-so-important cup of coffee in the morning). Full disclosure though: we benefit from caring. When students are in a nurturing and compassionate environment they thrive. For us, this translates to stuff like high GPA's and honour roll status for all our students, notable professional excellence during their practical experience, and most importantly, success once they graduate from our programs. 

Your career is our passion. If you’re looking for a good place to start your future, you'll find that here with us at Cambria College. We're in the business of caring.

If you want to learn more about our amazing program, please contact us for more information. We're available by email any time at or by phone Monday to Friday 778-265-7547.