Our next Health Care Assistant Program begins March 5th, 2018! Sure, starting school in the fall is typically more common, but it's not necessarily better. Our spring session offers the same schedule of classes as our fall program, and if you're wanting to get a jump start on your New Years resolution, and you're thinking about going back to school and training for your career then there is literally no better time than the present!

Here are some added benefits of enrolling in our Spring Class:

1. Starting early means finishing early:

Our Program is only 7 months long (technically 28 weeks) and that means you will be preparing for graduation by the time September rolls around. 

2. You won't have to wait as long for Student Aid:

The Student Aid and the Financial Aid process won’t be quite as busy this time of year, so you won't have to wait as long for funding. Generally, there are longer wait times and delays in the fall, so if you apply in the spring, you will have missed the rush season.

3. You're setting yourself up for success -- already ahead of the game!

We had to throw this one in for the good feels. Enroling and starting now means that you'll be setting yourself up for success right away. Procrastination can get the best of us sometimes, right? So, why wait until the fall to start your future? Do it today!

*Our classes fill up quickly, so why not get ahead of the game and register early? You can apply online now or you can set up a meeting with our Campus Director, Karen (she's an absolute gem) and get more information about our programs.