Our Mission

To provide quality education and training in sectors that have a sustained demand to provide for long-term career growth opportunities, both within Canada and globally.

Our Vision

Our schools will be a platform that provides for a student-centered modern learning environment that embraces diversity, respect, authenticity, integrity and quality.
Our success will be defined by our student satisfaction, graduation and employment statistics

Why Choose Cambria College?

Our College offers various courses in the fields of Health Care, Hospitality Management, and English as a Second Language with more programs to come. Cambria College is located in downtown Victoria and Vancouver, BC
near the ocean and endless amenities. The College is committed to providing a student-centered Learning environment. Sharing our cultures and experiences, in our safe school environment, helps our students develop supportive relationships with instructors, staff, and peers to feel truly understood and welcomed in our close-knit, diverse and multicultural community. Our sense of community creates a sense of belonging.
To enhance student success, we offer manageable programs and small class sizes allowing our students to engage and participate in class discussions,
connect with peers and invest in the school community.
Each student's participation promotes skill development and a higher student grade point average.

With the opening up of a new campus in Vancouver and the expansion of our Victoria campus, Cambria College now has an increased intake of students in all the program offerings.
The college has been expanding with increased rooms and facilities at both its campuses and continues to expand more, with a commitment to quality and student success.

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