What Makes US So Special!?

College is hard. Getting to know what really makes a good College is also hard. There’s no real way of knowing if it’s going to be a good fit until you start attending.

When I came to Cambria College, like most other people, I knew very little about the programs or what the College itself, was all about. I reviewed the website, checked out the Facebook Page, and gathered all the important, relevant information.  Then one day I read on our Facebook Page “Come see what makes us so special!” I thought, well, what DOES make us so special….

Having been here now for over 4 months, it has become abundantly clear what makes us so special:

1. The Campus Culture: We are an inclusive family who takes care of one another. How?

  • We make coffee every day. Who needs coffee? We. All. Do. And we brew it for our students.
  • We share our food. Who needs Food? We. All. Do. And we usually have fruit and veggie platters, or meals in the fridge. Some of our students even cook and make dinner for the class! How awesome is that!
  • We have regular student appreciation days with refreshments and networking. We have a  friendly, welcoming, and accepting environment where we share stories and laugh with our friends. (There is also some school work mixed in from time to time)

2. We teach the power of relationships.

We spread human connection, and we focus on the Student Experience. We have built a community of strong hard-working independent people who strive for success. Every student here has a powerful and inspiring story. Everyone deserves to be here, and we are very proud of all their achievements. The Cambria team builds strong relationships between instructors and students in an environment where diversity is welcomed, collaboration is embraced and enthusiasm thrives.

3. The Location

We are located right in the heart of downtown Victoria (on the bus route), and our classrooms are up on the second floor, with expansive views of the city from our large windows. Our bright sunny classrooms not only keep us alert , but they also keep us inspired.

4. College is Hard-We make it Easier!

Cambria assists one on one during the application process, and the financial aid process. It’s tricky…very tricky, and there are a lot of little steps to make things run smoothly. Cambria takes care of all of that. We ensure your paperwork runs smoothly and you don’t miss a step!

5. Freddie the Dog

We have our very own sidekick, Freddie, he is a Saint Bernese and a registered Emotional Therapy Dog. He joins us for our Inter-personal Skills Day as we walk in beautiful downtown Victoria. He’s also known to come visit the Director and rest his head on her arm while she is trying to work. She doesn’t mind though.

6. Our reputation precedes us

We have a 100% Graduation rate and have been reviewed to have “the strongest overall class” in  clinical placement! We intend to build and maintain that reputation.

Cambria College has so much more to offer than the reasons I’ve noted here. We have small class sizes, a 28 week program, day and night classes, a top rated training facility, and over $15,000 in Financial Aid options. We have a ministry approved curriculum and a lovely staff and faculty to get to know. But the best parts are when you are a student….and you finally become enrolled.

So…come see what makes us SO special!