Funding Opportunities

In many cases, funding options, such as student loans, grants, lines of credit or other options exist to help fund your program. We can help to figure out which option works best for you! There is over $15,000.00 in Financial Aid and Grants Available. We provide one-on-one assistance in helping you apply!


Financial Aid

There is over $15,000.00 available in Financial Aid Assistance through Student Aid BC. We help you one-on-one through the process, and offer a step by step manual to guide you through the process. 
To apply for Financial Aid, you need only your social insurance number and your tax assessment

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Are you currently unemployed? Are you legally eligible to work in Canada? Need assistance? GT Hiring Solutions, Amber Education Services and WorkBC offer programs where a portion of tuition, living and supplies is funded.

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Loan through banks and other financial institutions are available. We are happy to make you an appointment and to put you in contact with the right people at the right institutions. 

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